Hick - More than Eleanor's Best Friend | M.J. Moneymaker
M.J. Moneymaker, writer, artivist, illustrator, artist, producer
M.J. Moneymaker, writer, artivist, illustrator, artist, producer
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Hick – More than Eleanor’s Best Friend

This screenplay is inspired by the real-world relationship between reporter Lorena Hickok ( Hick ) and Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s 1932 New York City when Associated Press crime reporter, Lorena Hickok, gets an assignment that brings her to a crossroads and she must choose: her career or follow Eleanor Roosevelt, her lover and best friend, to the White House.

Genre: Historical fictional / Film noir.

Note: This is not a story that takes the approach of ‘Eleanor Roosevelt and lover Hick’. Their affair is not the main plot. If you are looking for stories like that I would suggest reviewing the research tab.

Global Independent Film Awards
LGBT New Renaissance Film Festival (Amsterdam, NL), Official Selection
North American Film Special Jury Selection Award
TeaDance Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2017 Finalist
Crime/Mystery Film Festival and Table Read Screenplays, 2017 Finalist
Diverse Voices – WeScreenplay, 2016 Semi Finalist
Final Draft Big Break contest, 2016 Quarter finalist
New York Screenplay Contest, Empire Award Historical Biography
Woodshole Film Festival, 2016 Honorable Mention
Sacramento International Film Festival, 2016 Finalist
London Shows International Film Festival 2015, Finalist
Hollywood Screenplay Contest, 2015 Finalist
Creative World Awards, 2015 Finalist
Bentonville Film Festival, Bentonville,2015 Finalist

Hick aka Lorena Hickok Author

Lorena Hickok

Lorena Hickok aka Hick: Lead, Female, 39. Hick’s a politics/crime reporter. Her beat covers everything from the Lindbergh baby to Mayor Walker till her editor reassigns her to follow the governor’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, because she’s a woman. This demotion changes the course of her life.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Lead, Female, 48. This is ER before the White House. When she declared her independence from FDR. She was a teacher, a Suffragette, and joint business owner. She preferred staying at Valkill or in their city townhouse with her close friends, a lesbian couple, to living with FDR’s mother in Hyde Park.

2015 staged reading of Hick in New York City happened at the Downtown Community TV firehouse.

Directed by Robert Gomes

Zoë Winters – played Lorena Hickok
Kathryn Danielle – played Eleanor Roosevelt
Brandon Smalls  – played Robert Moosemann
Liz Maurer – played Tommy and varies characters
Celeste Ciulla – played varies characters
Michael Zlabinger – played varies characters
Bruce Sabath – played Myers
Dara O’Brien
Scott Barrow
Monique Vukovic

2016 selection reading of Hick was hosted by The Bechdel Group at Jimmy No. 43 black box theater.

List of books read for research were mostly by Lorena Hickok herself and are available on Good Reads for review. I also made use of Lexis-Nexis, Associate Press archives and New York Times archives to research 1932 current events. This screenplay was originally started in 2010 for my MFA thesis.